5 rounds for time:

250m row
10 KB snatch R 25/35
10 KB snatch L 25/35
20 BB bent rows 65/95
20 pushups
20 walking lunges (R+L=1) 
200 m run

Post time to comments.   

Daily Extras - Replace the 250 m row & 200 m run with a 500 m row and 400 m run respectively. Or you COULD replace them with very little respect at all. The row & run won't care.  

Workout Notes: 

  • The GPP KB Snatch 
  • Fixing Janetha's row 
  • Alt for Rowing (each SS = 10m, bands are M/H)
  • This is fun. 2 weeks ago I was reminded of a bunch of workouts we haven't seen in a while. It made me dig back. There are some gems in the archives. I've been pulling them out lately. So cool! Thanks for the suggestions. Are there workouts you've missed? Would you like to see a fav workout from years passed come around again? Describe it in comments below. I'll try to work it into the programming. Also, just as importantly, are there workouts you HATE to see come back around? Please let me know which ones you dread the most so that I won't put it up by mistake. 


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