100 situps for time.
100 crunches for time.
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis and low back stretches


20-15-10-5 reps for time:

deadlifts (BW)

Post times for situps, crunches and workout to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the warm-up again!

Workout Notes:

  • Those DLs are heavy! Consider doing stretches both before and after workout.
  • How to do a kipping pullup
  • The GPP Jumping Pullup 
  • It's weird doing a workout "for time" on a Tuesday. Go for it. Get anaerobic! This workout will only take minutes. Vets will do it in less than 10. If you do it right, it should be the most impactful 10 minutes of your week.
  • Some of our shorter workouts have the longest lasting affects. But you MUST really go for it. 

Haven't posted one of these in a while. People are awesome! 

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Besides amazing health and fitness, Jill's shoes demo how to recognize a Peep!