Warmup -10 min pryamid

10 jump squats on min 1
15 jump squats on min 2
20 jump squats on min 3
25 jump squats on min 4
30 jump squats on min 5
30 jump squats on min 6
25 jump squats on min 7
20 jump squats on min 8
15 jump squats on min 9
10 jump squats on min 10

Workout - Hatfield Pulls

Perform 4 "giant sets" of the following:

6 chinups (strict)
12 BB bent rows AHAP
25 Aussie pullups

Post weights used and Rx from KBs (or scaled version) to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • It would irresponsible of me not to issue a SORENESS ALERT on the squat jumps portion of this workout. It's a flat-out wrecker. YOU WILL GET SORE if you do all those reps. Some of you will thrive on this. However, for those who'd like to NOT limp through what's left of your weekend (and most of next week), you'd best drop some reps. Like half. 

  • Rookies attempting more than 35, or so Aussie pullups are usually made to pay for it. Consider scaling these. Vets, ignore the last sentence.

  • Rest as much as is needed between giant sets. Keep rest to a minimum during them.

  • A limited amount of Monkey Motion is encouraged on the bent rows, but keep them cleaner than not. 

Yes! That's starting to look a little more like times of old. Cool. 


Extra points are awarded to those of you who put the Monday and Wednesday workouts together in your mind. LeeAnn (Durham, CA) got it.