2 rounds for time:

35 deadlift 95/135
35 Aussie pullups
35 uni KB snatch (R) 25/35
35 uni KB snatch (L) 25/35
35 double unders 
35 pushups
350m row

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Daily Extras - EMOM for 10 minutes complete:

10 v-ups 
10 squats 

Workout Notes:

  1. Oli = short for Oliver (pronounced ALL-OVER)
  2. Be super careful with those DLs.
  3. 3:1 alt for no DU
  4. There is more fitness benefit from using KBs vs. DBs. 
  5. Snake the pushups. We're going for time today.

Wim Hof climbed Mt. Everest in his shorts. Not shorts, a parka, gloves and big thick heavy boots, just shorts.

He's proving that we as humans are much more capable than we think. I love the thought of it. If you have a half-hour check out this video.