Complete each series 2x in any order.
You receive the Rx if you take no break-sets during any work period.

Series 1:
30 sec plate switches
30 sec rest
60 sec plate switches
60 sec rest
90 sec plate switches
90 sec rest
120 sec plate switches

Series 2:
30 sec row
30 sec rest
60 sec row
60 sec rest
90 sec row
90 sec rest
120 sec row

Series 3:
30 sec burpees (superfits can get 1 every 3-4 sec.)
30 sec rest
60 sec burpees
60 sec rest
90 sec burpees
90 sec rest
120 sec burpees

Post "Rx" or scaled amounts to comments.

Daily Extras - Complete a single sequence (as above) of squats.

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay busy while on the clock.
  • If your shoulders are sore from yesterday, replace burpees with squat sequence (daily extras).
  • Post max distance achieved during 120 sec row. Just for kicks.
  • For max effect do both sequences of the same exercise back-to-back. 

It was a core thing!

Yesterday we did those OH extended holds. Seemed like it was NOT very typical for a Tuesday workout, but it was. Every 4th Tuesday is our core strengthening day. Yes, we strengthen core most days at GPP, but I've learned that we can even further improve your core strength by focusing on a specific aspect of core strength 1x per month. 

Two things: 

  1. That's weird, right? Improving core strength by working on it only 1x per month? Seems impractical, but it works. Especially since we, like I said above, put specific focus on  your core every single day. We can prove this. Go have a look at all the PRs that fell yesterday in the comments section. How is this possible? Programming, my friend. Oh, and hard FRICKIN work on your end. You thought I was going to hog all the glory, right? Most of the time you'd have been right about that. :)
  2. So where exactly is my "core?" It's simple. Your core is the part of your body that transfers energy between anchored and/or moving parts of an exercise. So if you doing planks, your core is everything between your elbows and your toes.

    Pointing to it isn't so easy, since it is a moving target. As you move, so does your core. The most important thing to know about your core is, it is always active in three dimensions. It also has multiple functions. Sometimes it moves your body, sometimes it transfers energy between moving parts of your body, sometimes it stabilizes parts of your body. Sometimes it does ALL THREE at once, or in sequence. 

Your core is a fascinating thing. To work it effectively, you have to engage in functional movements that challenge it from every aspect of EVERY direction. Did you feel your core yesterday during those ground to OH's? Many of you said your felt those hold in your low back. Know why? 


Having a healthy core means you are more efficient at exercise. It also means you are more likely to remain injury free. Oh, it also LOOKS GOOD ON!  

One of my fav CORE workouts. Do you see it coming? Oh, America First Jazz Dancers ROCK!