Final Workout! - AMRAP in 60 min:

1 mile run
50 lunge steps (R+L=2)
50 v-ups
50 Aussie pullups
50 burpees

Post rounds completed to comments. 

For those coming to HQ - You may come and go at will today.  Times are as usual.  We'll open at 0630 and stay open until 9:45, but since the workouts go 60 min there are no formal start times.  GPP trainers will be there at all times to instruct and help if anyone needs it.  We'll reset the clock every hour.  It's probably best to bring your own timing device (phone, watch, etc.).

Have to miss this workout? You can STILL get that shirt!

We know A LOT of you have weekend plans which will make it impossible to hit this final workout. This shouldn't be a thing. Especially if you did all 10 workouts leading up this this one. 

One of the main reasons we workout in the first place, is so that we can more fully enjoy time spent OUTSIDE Of the gym. There shouldn't be a penalty (not achieving your RX+) for missing this workout just because you are outside of the gym today. Still, it IS RX+ week and we DID say you couldn't earn your RX+ without completing (as well as you are able) all 6 days worth of workouts. So, I propose the following compromise:

I propose if you cannot make it to a workout at the gym tomorrow, you must still do an equivalent workout to the one posted.

What would that look like?

It would look/be grueling. AND it would last for an hour. 

You choose how you'd like your grueling served. You may dish it up to yourself via work, or by way of fun. Either way you owe an hour. Some ideas of on subs/alts.

  • Hiking (pref. hand over hand climbing mixed in with a little jogging/carrying.
  • Water skiing
  • 100 foul line basketball jump shots (only count the ones you make)
  • Working in the garden (Not just shuffling about. Try digging, pulling weeds, wheelbarrow stuff, etc.).
  • Building a new deck.
  • Building a new fire pit.
  • vacuuming & mopping.

Make it an honest equivalency, otherwise don't count it. Don't worry, we'll do RX+ week again next year. You can get your black shirt then! 

Please let us know what you get up to. Post details to comments. 

Congratulations on a great week!

It was inspiring to see all you did. We've never had participation like that before with our RX+ week activities, which is weird because they've always been popular. 

I think this means we needed it. I know I did. I feel reinvigorated. How do you feel? Did you like the new format?

To be honest I wasn't completely sure about it. I felt there was no FRICKIN way we could match the effort inside of the gym that we've put into RX+ weeks of years past running up hills in the heat. I really didn't think it would be the same. 

I was wrong. I felt it was better in many ways. I still hit the wall on Wednesday. Super tired. Just exhausted. Was totally OVER it, but just like in years passed, I popped out of it late last night and this morn. Cool. Even more, I was surprised at how sore I became. It felt so weird lifting through sore muscles doing the SAME lifts we'd done just 2 days earlier. LOVED IT! Sincerely. 

I'm still working out the details of the RX+ t-shirt thing. I'll post a link here on the site around the middle of next week so you can order yours. We'll do it the same way as always. I'll pass my cost onto you. Not trying to make a profit on this. Hope you'll wear it as a badge of honor. 

In years past, folks have asked, some with disdain, others with genuine curiosity, "Why would anyone do 2-a-day workouts? Just why!?  

My answer is: They are good for a body. They are good for a soul. I think every should challenge themselves yearly. We are all MANY times more capable (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, fiscally, physically) than we give ourselves credit for. It's good to have a reminder of that AT LEAST yearly!   

Stellar week! Proud of you.

Brother and sister team (GPP Peeps) David and Lauren H. at Cowles Mountain, San Diego. 1500 ft elevation gain in 45 min! These two epitomize positive, healthy lifestyle changes! Isn't that what this RX+ thing is all about?