Workout #1 - Side Slayer (sub box jumps)

6 rounds for time:

20 twist punch R M/H
20 twist punch L M/H
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 tick tocks R 25/35
20 tick tocks L 25/25
200 m run

Post time to comments.

Workout #2 - Back and Bis

supersets of: 

stab assisted chin ups 
12 DB bent rows AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used before moving to the biceps. 

5 supersets of: 

BB biceps curls (strict) AHAP
12 DB biceps alt curls (shaping style) AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  • Twist Punches - You have to move your feet on these.  Shift your weight back and forth with ever rep.  Also, this movement is more about generating momentum from the hips (twist) to "throw" the punch.   Don't just push the band with you arm.      
  • Plank Snatches - Again, generate momentum by twisting your hips.  If you are using your R hand to do a plank snatch, your starting point on the ground will be L of your mid-line.  Rotate the DB to the top of the movement using the stronger muscle groups of your torso.  When the weight is at the top of the movement, your hips will be nearly stacked.   
  • Tick Tocks - These are only effective when you tilt to a point of stretch on BOTH the L and the R of the each movement. 
  • If you can do all 8 reps of the chinups without an assist from the stab ball - you may, of course, do so.
  • If you can do 8 reps of chinups easily, add weight carried between your feet/legs. 
  • Note the biceps alt curls are shaping style
  • Check weights used for Monday's workout. Try to meet or exceed weights used. 


"It was superfoods, Neil. I Just started eating a bunch of _____________(goji, acai, noni, kale, palm fruit oil, buffaloberries, miracle roots from the Himalayas) and I lost weight and got healthy again. " 


But, I HAVE seen people become LESS healthy due to "superfoods." What? Yep. I know it seems silly to think that some amazing vitamin-rich, phytonutrient, anti-oxidant & fiber packed food recommended by the likes of Dr. Oz could hurt you. But it can & does - often. Think about it. Food is chemicals - that we eat.  Concentrating these chemicals into highly potent mixtures and consuming them in large doses is UNNATURAL. Since when did ingesting 5 days worth of ANYTHING in a single swallow, sitting, or day begin to make sense? 30 bananas a day, really? Does ANYONE actually think this is wise? What ever happened to moderation? 

The funny thing is most of the "superfood" makers tout how "natural" their products are. Hmmm. Then why do they have a patent on the formula?

Look, even water - pure, clean water that your body CANNOT live without, can kill you if you drink too much of it. Yep, KILL - and it takes less time than you'd think to do the job. 

Just the over-inflated CLAIMS can do a number on your health.

I wen't to a meeting once (Typical multi-level thing. Not saying MLMs are bad, well, yes the TYPICAL ones are. There are, of course, exceptions.) where a lady stood at the head of a room and told everyone if they just sipped a couple mouthfuls of an elixir every day, "You'll NEVER have exercise another day in your life." I almost threw my shoe at her. Later in the presentation, a guy got up and said, "I can eat all I want and (elixir) keeps me healthy. I'M EVEN LOSING WEIGHT!" I coughed a sound that resembled the word "bull***t!" In a long procession of unhealthy looking people, one guy said, "I'm growing new hair on my head." A lady went on and on about her poops. Then there was the mother who gave it to her kids and their ADHD magically went away. But the coup de grace was when a very unhealthy looking lady limped to the podium and told everyone that she had stopped taking her heart meds "against doctors orders" because, she laughed, she "felt so good now" after sipping her magic elixir daily. I huffed and stormed out of the conference room. I was yelling "science be damned!"

Isn't there science behind these so-called superfoods? Yes, and it's mainly crappy. But, more importantly, the proof is in the pudding. Who do you know that started taking some pills or sipping elixirs that has entirely changed their health for the better? Long term? Like, they started sipping Tahitian Noni 10 years ago, don't have a financial stake in the company and are still taking it now?

"Lots of people" you say?

Look deeper. If you do, you'll find 1 of 2 things. Either they are flat-out lying (likely motivated by $), or they completely overhauled their nutritional and exercising habits around the same time they started the "superfood" consumption. Coincidence? 

We humans are lucky. We can screw our diets up pretty badly and still get away with almost everything - for a time. But eventually, our bad habits come back to bite us in the arse. Consuming highly concentrated chemicals for large amounts of time seems like a bite waiting to happen. 

Also ..., why didn't the folks at the meeting I attended look very healthy? Oh, yeah ... proof is in the pudding, we already covered that.

Tour of Utah went right past GPP today! I considered putting a sign on our marquee that said, "Swing on in for a real workout!" JK, cyclists rock!