Workout #3 - Lemon 

For time: 

400 m sprint
400 m OH extension carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m curl carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m R side bucket carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m L side bucket carry 10/25
400 m sprint 

Post time to comments.

Workout #4 - Chest & Tris

5 supersets of: 

8 stab chest presses AHAP
12 stab chest flys AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used before moving to the triceps.

5 supersets of:

8 stab DB skull crushers AHAP
12 OH triceps ext AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  • How to do Lemon 
  • If you are using more than 40 lbs DBs per hand, use one of the benches instead of a stability ball. 
  • stab skull crushers call for a DB in EACH hand.

Sleepy Time!

Remember to get all the rest you need this week. 

I know your made of twisted steel and sex appeal, but even the most seasoned (read: salty) of us need a bit more rest when doing 2-a-days! 

Try to get between 7-9 hours per night, if you can. HA! I audibly heard some of you moms mocking me while I wrote that! 

Seriously though, you need it this week. Here comes the kicker: if at all possible, try to get a 20-30 min nap every day! Still with the mocking? Hehe. 

You'll get better results if you'll get a bit more rest. Many professional athletes do 2-a-day workouts several times per year. They do them because 2-a-days seriously work - but not without sufficient rest.

The reason I suggested you put these workouts hours apart from each other is because, the more rest you get between workouts, the more focus you can put on the workout at hand. The more focus, the more work you'll do. The more work = more results! But this is only true if you are getting enough rest. 

During recovery is when your body makes lasting changes. SO REST! 

Onelife (GPP Merida Mexico)! This amazing establishment is a few hours directly West of Cancun. It's on the other side of the Yucatan peninsula. It's a beautiful outdoor facility. Can you imagine doing burpee surprise in the heat and humidity that they have there? Sheesh!