Workout #1 - Burpee Surprise

For time:

25 burpees
25 burpee - pullups
25 burpee - box jumps
25 burpee - OH DB presses 15/20 ea
25 burpee - OH triceps extensions 15/30
25 burpee - high Sumo 45/65

Post time to comments

Workout #2 - Back and Bis

5 supersets of: 

8 stab assisted chin ups 
12 DB bent rows AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used before moving to the biceps. 

5 supersets of: 

8 BB biceps curls (strict) AHAP
12 DB biceps alt curls (shaping style) AHAP
rest 2 min

Finish supersets and record weights used to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

  • You may begin your day with either workout.
  • Better burpee box jumps.
  • If you can do all 8 reps of the chinups without an assist from the stab ball - you may, of course, do so.
  • If you can do 8 reps of chinups easily, add weight carried between your feet/legs. 
  • Note the biceps alt curls are shaping style

I'm new here, what is this "RX+" thing all about? 

Simple, it's 2-a-day workouts, programmed to help you storm back into shape after a long summer.


Summertime can derail your health and fitness. The first week of August is the last week we'll have to deal with this before we all get busy with end of summer vacations and back to school stuff. Otherwise most people will be consigned to waiting until the 1st of next year before making progress towards better health/fitness/appearance. To be clear, this means they will continue to LOSE ground until the beginning of next year. That's 5 FULL MONTHS of gaining weight and getting out of shape. That's a lot of ground to lose making it harder and more time consuming to get back on track - if they ever do!  

How does it work?

Do the workouts. There are a couple of ways you might consider completing the work this week. 

  1. *Most Effective*
    Schedule 2 distinct workouts per day. Do one of them in the morning, get some rest throughout the day, then come back hours later (eve) and to the other one. You'll get more out of this method because you'll be able to completely focus on the specific demands of each unique workout. Plus you'll get some much needed rest between each workout.
  2. *Less Effective* 
    Consider storming these by putting them back to back within the same workout session. If you really put the hammer down, you can get most of these workouts done in an hour or so. 

Should rookies be doing 2-a-days?

It's kinda up to the rookie. If it's been years since you've done ANYTHING and your doctor has warned you against overdoing it, maybe put it off for a while. Otherwise, get after it!

Should I be dieting this week?

Why not? We've learned that those who await the "best time" to start eating healthy rarely, if ever find it. 

Check out GPP Nutritional guidelines and diet suggestions HERE

Is there anything special I should know? 

  • Heat is not your friend this week. Hot tubs and heating pads will only exacerbate the soreness. Heat can also delay recovery/healing time. 
  • Drink a little extra water. To be sure you are consuming enough water on a daily basis, let thirst be your guide. Yes, yes we KNOW. It was once thought that by the time you become thirsty, you are already dehydrated. That old wives tale has also fallen from grace. HARD.

Visions of RX+ past.