3 rounds On Trainer's Count: 

20 band twist punches R med/heavy
20 band twist punches L med/heavy
20 band high elbows R med/heavy
20 band high elbows L med/heavy
20 situps
20 v-ups
20 T2T side ups R
20 T2T side ups L
20 T2T superman back ext
20 T2T crunches

Post Rx or total reps missed to comments.

Daily Extras - Do another round "for time." Post time to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  1. If you are off-site, count each rep slowly & deliberately. It's best if you do this out loud! Who cares what that chick on the dreadmill thinks?
  2. Remember to keep your elbows up during twist punches/pulls. Elbows should be on the same plane of motion as your wrists and shoulders. If your wrist is bent, it's a pretty good bet your elbow is down. This means you are applying sheering forces to your shoulder joints. Your shoulders hate to be weighted (i.e. bands) while externally and internally rotating.
  3. If you are advanced, do your situps like this. (Hell, you can do it like this - NOT ENTIRELY SAFE FOR WORK/KIDS - if you like/dare. Honestly I HATE this about the fitness industry, but the thought of it made me LOL!). 
  4. Common Situp Fault + Fix 
  5. There should be a deliberate pause at the top of each sideup, SBE & crunch. 
  6. Usually we do a movement that rhymes with a viral infection in this workout. We dropped it due to yesterday's workout.  

Peeps "using their fitness" in the High Uintas last weekend! (Wally, Reese, Krystal, Heather)