Warm-up -

Complete 4 rounds of:

250 m arms only row
15 planking pull downs R M/H
15 planking pull downs L M/H
rest 1 min

Workout -

5 rounds of

10 BB bent rows (heavy)
20 Aussie pullups
burnout set of shoulder shrugs 25/54 ea. 
rest 2 min

Post weights used and # of reps on burnouts to comments.

 Daily Extras - 

Take a stab at beating Meg's rope jumping record. If you fail, spend 10 earnest minutes jumping rope. We did a lot of this last week. We should be all tuned up for it. 

Record is 1600 consecutive rope jumps. Yes, that's WITHOUT a miss! 

Workout Notes:

  • Arms only rows can be simulated by a M/H band if you don't have rowers where you workout. If you have a low cable row machine, use a low weight.
  • Want a little more out of your planks? Put a crunch into it! 
  • Don't be afraid of using some monkey motion on those bent rows.
  • You may grip the bar however you feel is most comfortable for bent rows. Overhand grip (palms face you) makes more use of the back musculature. Underhand grip (palms face away) makes more use of the arms. All in all, the difference is slight. Like, probably splitting hairs, slight.
  • Most of the time I'll ask you to do the movement with reverse grip. The effects of a reverse grip are covered with the Aussies, so do them how you like. That being said, it's best to do Aussies with palms facing you. 
  • Do not allow your torso to rise beyond 45 degrees while performing bent rows. Ideally, you'd stay leaned over at closer to 90 degrees at the torso during these. It's also best if you touch the ground with the weights (assuming you have standard sized rubber bumper plates) between each rep. If you are using smaller weights than standardized rubber bumper plates, start and end each rep around mid-shin. 
  • "Rounds" means to go from one exercise to the next. Don't do this workout in straight sets.  

We've never had a male lead this category before ... Just sayin'.