5 rounds for time:

15 OH BB press 45/65 (strict is better)
15 side lateral raise 10/15
15 KB high Sumos 25/35
300 rope jumps (you'll love this)

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

None this week. Extras will fire up again beginning Monday, Aug 17. Take a break this week. You need it. 

If you don't, please perform a timed mile run - TWICE!

Workout Notes:

  • You probably saw this one coming. Stacking some shoulders this week. 
  • SLRs shouldn't be initiated from hips or low back. If you are using monkey motion to complete these, drop weight and form up!
  • Bending the elbows makes side lateral raises easier. That's why people (read: dudes) do it. They suppose moving bigger weights makes them alpha! Forget the fact that by bending the arms they reduce the length of the lever arm. IOW, they are cheating and missing the fitness in this movement, oh and also the point of it. The point of this movement is to shape deltoids. If you initiate the movement with the hips (we'll touch on that in another post), and bend your arms you'll mainly miss the shoulders altogether.    
  • Great in-depth demo of a SLR. Did you notice he didn't even look away from the camera at :36s. He picked the DBs up without looking! You may take 5 sec off your time EVERY time you do this today. :) 
  • Not everyone is built to do high sumos. Your shoulder anatomy might be such that you get pain in your shoulder joints. If this is you, consider what Curtis Jolley PT MOMT has to say about it.
  • You may use monkey motion all you want on high sumos! In fact, to do them correctly, you should initiate movement from your hips. 


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