10 jump squats on min 1
15 jump squats on min 2
20 jump squats on min 3
25 jump squats on min 4
30 jump squats on min 5
30 jump squats on min 6
25 jump squats on min 7
20 jump squats on min 8
15 jump squats on min 9
10 jump squats on min 10 

Rest 2 min, then repeat entire sequence subbing tap down crunches for jump squats.

Rest 2 min, then repeat entire sequence subbing light dead lifts 45/65 for TDCs.    

Post "Rx," or reps missed to comments. 

Daily Extras -

None this week. We need a rest from last week. We'll start programming them in again on Monday. If you REALLY NEED some extras - please do 20 mins of cardio. 

Workout Notes: 

  • This doesn't look like one of our "normal" ab day types of workout. It is though. You'll be surprised at how hard these movements will work your core.
  • Yes, the jumps squats are only there because we are a little light on legs this week. Might search for your comments on the last time we did pyramids with jump squats. A few folks got wrecked last time, if I remember correctly. Might pay to have a look back. Just sayin.
  • While technically DLs are leg movements, THESE will have more affect on your low back (you'll see tomorrow), which is the point on ab day. They are programmed here to oppose the TDCs. 
  • Let's talk about those DLs for a min. Usually I'm reticent to throw high rep DLs at you. My training as an exercise guy forbids this. I was taught that DLs are strictly power movements. Traditionally, power movements are trained with high weight and low reps. The powerlifterati would scoff at training DLs in ANY other way than is traditional. This causes my fingers rise. Well, it causes ONE of them rise. The one native to the middle portion of my hand. I care almost NOTHING for tradition. I prefer kick-ass health and fitness. This seems to be non-traditional these days.
  • All this being said about non-traditional, high rep, light weight DLs, we still need to be very careful of these. The fact they are light weight makes them sneaky. Light weight, high rep DLs have a tendency to become a little sloppy. One might lose focus toward the middle/end of the pyramid. Mind you, these are HIGH REP DLs! Please be warned 200 DLs, NO MATTER what the weight will not suffer foolish sloppiness. Please form-up EVERY rep. If you have doubts, drop weight/reps/rounds, get someone to have a look and check your form before doing ALL of those reps.

Nooners Flip-Flopping!