4 rounds for time.

20 OH step back lunges R 45/65
20 OH step back lunges L 45/65
20 hollow rocks (back+forth=1)
20 kneeling KB swings R 25/35
20 kneeling KB swings L 25/35
20 high windmill R 25/35
20 high windmill L 25/35
20 box jump switches (R+L=1)

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Daily Extras - 

Complete 200 KB swings 25/35

Workout Notes:

  • The video demonstrating the OH step back lunges shows an alternating lunge.  For the purposes of this workout, don't alternate. Continuously step back with the same leg until all reps have been completed for that side.
  • Why kneeling KB swings? It's meant to keep you from squatting the KB swing. Many experts recommend using a medium to large squat to complete a KB swing. We don't. We like the swing to be generated from your hips and core. If we wanted a squat, we'd just program one. By kneeling you'll get a better feel for generating the swing through the hips and core. 
  • Start SLOWLY on those high windmills. As the rounds progress you're hamstrings and sides will loosen up and you may be able to speed through them a little more, but give yourself a couple of rounds to warm-up first. 
  • Remember, the alt for high windmills is a low windmill. Some folks simply aren't built with the shoulder flexibility to do high windmills. It's not their fault. 


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