Every 90 sec for 15 rounds complete:

20 press jacks 15/20
15 HS DB biceps curls 15/20
10 OH triceps ext 15/20
10 V-ups

Post Rx, or rounds completed to comments. 
Note rest times. If you are getting more than 30 sec you need to up your weights.

Daily Extras - 

Add 3 sets of 100 double unders (333 singles) to the end of your workout.

Workout Notes:

  1. HS = high speed.
  2. Extend and bend arms fully with EACH REP.

Jazz Dancer Tryouts this Saturday! 

This is a fantastic time of year. Love tryout season! GPP has been involved with Jazz Dancer tryouts from the inception of the our company. In fact, most of the workouts we pioneer around here, are tested on these amazing athletes. 

Yep, I said athletes. In any given 1-2 minute dance number, these girls will display uncommon, endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy. The difference between them and other athletes? These girls have to make all of this look artistic while performing. Not to mention they also have to LOOK amazing while applying their art and athleticism. It is a unique thing these girls do. Amazing & and beautifully talented - each of them! 

Tryouts are grueling. Day 1 lasts 5-10 hours. They learn a couple of numbers (FULL NUMBERS) on the spot, then are expected to perform them several times throughout the day to a panel of judges. Like I said, these girls are talented. It blows my mind to see them learn a full routine in less than an hour, then turn around and perform it flawlessly. 

But Day 1 is just the beginning. Those who have their numbers called at the end of this LONG day make it through to "top 30." And as tough as that day is, it's nothing compared to what's coming. To put it mildly, these amazing and talented hopefuls have a ROUGH week in store.

Monday, they start the week off with a workout. Actually, "a workout" doesn't do it justice. It's not JUST a workout. It's ROUGH. Like, one year we did a burpee mile. Yep, a mile of burpees. Other years, we've done hill climbs for an hour. Like sprints up a hill where at the top they do exercises (burpees, v-ups, squat jumps) and then sprints to the bottom where they do even more exercises (burpees, v-ups, squat jumps). This workout culminates with bear crawls up the hill, backwards - feet first - then back down the hill head first. 

Most cannot imagine how tough these girls have to be - and are.

After the workout they'll learn a new routine. A full one. They'll perform it flawlessly by the end. They'll also have to commit it to memory because, if they make it that far, they'll have to perform it to the panel of judges again on Saturday. The stakes are much higher here. No real room for mistakes.

This goes on for several days.

In the meantime, they'll be making and submitting a video about themselves and practicing for the interview (It's a grilling, man. All the judges sit around a horseshoe shaped table and pepper the candidate with ROUGH questions for 5-10 min). Questions like: Why do you want to be a dancer (Careful, this one is loaded - be humble)? What is your background (Also loaded - everyone has been doing it since they were 4 - try to stand out)? We noticed you struggled during the workout at practice the other day, can you explain why and how you will fix this? 

It doesn't matter how gorgeous a candidate might be. It doesn't matter how gifted and talented a dancer she is. If she can't present herself well in a professional interview (Often interviewers are executives, celebrities, reporters and professional dancers) you're probably OUT. Jazz Dancers do a boat load of appearances throughout the year. They interact with people - 1 on 1 - up close and personal. The Utah Jazz organization (and it's sponsors) would like to know they are being represented by girls who reflect team values. 

It's high stress stuff, man. Only the best will make it and to do so, they'll have to get their nutrition right (leading up and into), they'll have to hydrate, they'll have to be in shape (or they'll never live through the soreness - let alone dance/perform), they'll have to get the dances right, and they'll have to do all of this with a smile (a real one) while showing a personal style that is entertaining, yet not over-stated.   

Yep, it's my fav time of year. Good luck to all who are trying out this year! We know many of you follow the workouts here online.

A couple of words of advice for those who are trying out (from MY perspective only): The hay is in the barn, man. You've gained all the fitness you can get at this point. Time to taper. If I were you (I've been telling all my dancers this) Do your last, very light, workout on Wednesday and let your body relax running up to tryouts. Get hydrated over the next few days and get plenty of sleep. The extra rest and hydration will help you loosen up and be less tense on audition day.

Good luck! Make sure you come say hi to me.

The America First Jazz Dancers at Summer League games Monday night. (pic cred)