Complete 3 straight sets of each of the following.  Use a 2-2-2-1 tempo (very slow). Rest precisely 90 sec between each exercise. "Cover" 400 m between each exercise. 

Exercises are: 

10 front squat AHAPs
10 DB stab chest fly AHAP
10 BB wide elbow bent row AHAP
20 stab crunches (feet elevated) 

Post weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

Begin this workout with a 400 m run. End it with an additional 400 m run (yep, that last one is an 800 m run). 

Workout Notes:

  • The most important thing about this workout today is that 90 sec rest. 10 seconds fewer, or 10 seconds more breaks this. You'll not get all the benefits intended from this workout if you aren't strict with your rest. 
  • Equally as important is the time you spend under tension today. Slow those reps way down. REALLY form up and go for the burn. 10 reps over 3 sets means that you don't have even ONE set to throw away to sloppy form. If you do, you'll rob yourself of 33% of the benefits of each exercise. 
  • "Cover?" Not everyone can run 400 m. But almost everyone can walk it. Some can run a bit of it and walk a bit of it. Today, I'm asking you to stay off the rowers (unless you really need them) and just cover the 400 m. Walking with purpose (read: faster than not) is great exercise when combined with this workout. There is higher functionality in walking 400 m, than in rowing. Not saying rowing isn't good exercise. It is GREAT. Just walk/jog/run when you are able. 
  • Did you see that wide elbow row video? Please watch it. We are aiming for the muscles of the upper back and rear delts with this exercise today. It will require much stricter form and WAY less weight than you are used to using for bent rows. Rule of the day: NO MONKEY MOTION! 
  • You are to complete all reps today very slowly using a 2-2-2-1 tempo. 
  • 2-2-2-1 denotes the counts you should use for each rep of an exercise.

The first number (2) is the eccentric, or lowering part of the lift.  2 full counts here.
The second number (2) is the pause at the midpoint.  2 full counts here.
The third number (2) is the concentric part, or lifting part.  2 full counts on the up.
The fourth number (1) is the pause at the top of the movement.  1 full count here.

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I started my career as a personal trainer in 1994 (ACE certified). At the time, I was working my way through school as a physical therapist's aid & cardiac rehab specialist. The hospital I worked at allowed me to train folks out of their small gym after hours. I loved it and had a lot of success with it. Did it exclusively for 14 yrs, then I got out of it and started doing this group thing (GPP), which is better than personal training alone. 

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