6 rounds with great form @ moderate speed:

20 stab twist crunch R
20 stab twist crunch L
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) R 15/20
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) L 15/20
20 tick tocks R
20 tick tocks L
20 rev. KB woodchoppers R 25/35
20 rev. KB woodchoppers L 25/35
20 side ups R
20 side ups L

Post Rx, or reps completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete:

50 stab ball pikes

Workout Notes: 

A lot of you got "wrecked" from those twisting good mornings last week. Let's do them again. Won't get as sore this time. 

  • The videos for the twist crunches and good mornings are showing an alternating movement. For the purposes of this workout do all 20r to the same side before switching.
  • If you are off-site and don't have a stab ball, sub piri crunches for stab crunches. 
  • HERE is a great explanation of the wood chopper movement (except it's a reverse). 
  • If you haven't achieved a dull ache (burn) in the targeted muscles (obliques generally) by the 10th r of the movement - slow down/form up. OK, maybe not with the wood choppers. 
  • Remember, tick tocks are only effective with full ROM. Sometimes we hurry these and waste the benefits. 
  • Careful now, this is a new workout. We've only done it with groups off-site. You should know, they were VERY sore afterwards. Almost STUPID SORE. It was sneaky too! After the workout most said they "didn't feel a thing!" If those words ever cross your lips - brace yourself - usually a painstorm is a'comin. Scale for intensity (weights) and volume (rounds/reps) if you are unsure. 
  • You are going to run long for time if you don't put a hurry on between exercises. NOT during! Just move quickly between exercises. That being said, we love having you at GPP. You are welcomed to run long, if you like! :) Actually, having written that, we'd prefer you hang around a LONG time after this workout vs. taking a LONG time to complete it. In any case, we love you and are glad you're here, man!

I've noticed we don't do as many timed workouts anymore. 4 years ago, we were doing them everyday. Has something changed?  - S

Timed workouts definitely have their place. High intensity exercise is the key to good health and fitness and the timed workout will likely NEVER be replaced. But as our methodology evolves, so do our techniques. There are a couple of good reasons you don't see as many timed workouts anymore. Here is couple of reasons:

  1. We've learned high intensity exercise is more effective in smaller doses. A couple of years ago, I noticed our vets were beginning to hit a wall. They didn't really notice this, probably still haven't, but I did. It's not like they weren't improving - every time we do a benchmark workout or lift, our vets (even the ones who've been with us for 6-7 yrs) still make major improvements. It's impressive. It's unprecedented. 

    What I noticed is it took a benchmark workout to get them to muster. In other words, they could force themselves to GO FOR IT when pushed, and their results were always stellar when they'd do this, often a PR, but even more often they were showing classic symptoms of burnout or staleness. They were complaining of: extra soreness, small, jenky little injuries, lack of motivation and etc.

    This is weird because I designed these workouts to prevent burnout and staleness. What I've come to learn is after several years of our "old style" of training, our vets were adapting to the constant change. They were becoming so good at dealing with the stress of these workouts that it actually INCREASED their stress response to do high intensity stuff. I knew that if I kept throwing high intensity at them with the same frequency, they'd soon either completely burnout, or stop progressing altogether. So, I dug into my archives and started putting more lower intensity (It's not really LOW intensity, It's just a different type of high intensity) into the workouts. This had the effect of balancing the workouts, movements and energy pathways better. It also aides in recovery. Plus, our vets AND rookies are progressing even faster!
  2. We've learned that NOBODY comes to our place to screw around! Years ago when we first started programming workouts "for time" NOBODY else was doing it. Nobody else had even heard of pushing through a workout "for time." It was new and generally frowned upon. I even took a bashing in the press about it. The point is, WE were right and they were WRONG and to all the doctors and chiropractors who bashed on me in the comments of the Salt Lake Tribune article - you can SUCK IT!

    Haha. Actually the point is, back then we had to rally GPP participants every day. It was hard to get folks to increase the speed of their workouts and movements, but soon they caught on. In fact they caught on to us LONG before we caught on to them. It took us years to figure out that GPP clients are a cut above. They didn't come here to muck about. They come to get their workout on and are willing to do all it takes to get the the most benefits possible. They GET that high intensity is the thing. They'll put their heart and soul into every workout. Why else would they be HERE? There are a lot of easier options for other less-than-effective workouts. Our clients aren't really interested in that. Sometimes putting a workout up "for time" is an effective/efficient motivator for change. Other times it is a redundancy.

    I abhor redundancy. So, I have discovered, do GPP Peeps.  

Holiday Hours

In keeping with GPP tradition, the Centerville location is closed Friday, July 24th for pioneer day celebrations. 

Also, it looks like we'd better close Thursday eve, too. The Centerville parade goes right down our street and will make getting to they gym a nightmare. 

If you like, we'll still be doing the 8 pm class. Oh, you didn't know we have an 8 pm class. That's because we haven't told anyone about it. It's not really a class - it's open gym. It's been going on a few months now. For those who are experienced with GPP training, you are welcome to come get your workout at 8 pm. Please realize this class is NOT supervised. It IS organized by GPP certified trainers, and they know their stuff, but you'll be conducting your own workouts. If you are new to our methods and movements, it'll be best to come to regularly scheduled workouts.   

Nice "V" Sarah!