Complete 5 sets of each of the following.  Rest 90 sec between each exercise. 

10 DB skull crushers AHAP
10 side lateral raises AHAP
10 BB biceps curls AHAP
10 dead lifts 95/135

Post weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras - Go home - before you get sore and blow this weekend! 

Workout Notes:

  • You are to complete all reps today very slowly using a 2-2-2-1 tempo. 
  • 2-2-2-1 denotes the counts you should use for each rep of an exercise.

The first number (2) is the eccentric, or lowering part of the lift.  2 full counts here.
The second number (2) is the pause at the midpoint.  2 full counts here.
The third number (2) is the concentric part, or lifting part.  2 full counts on the up.
The fourth number (1) is the pause at the top of the movement.  1 full count here.

No "Meginator" today (but just barely)

While searching through the quiver for a workout today, I stumbled upon "Meginator." Looking back over the week, I thought "Yep, Meginator fits the programming for this week!" I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. Of course, with Meginator one can't immediately tell if those butterflies are FOR, or AGAINST the thought. 

A part of me was like, "LONG weekend coming up ... Plenty of time to get over the soreness ... Plus, I love the thought of pre-burning some of those extra (read: decadent) calories which are sure to creep into my diet over the next couple (read: 4 or 5 - if we're including leftovers) days."

Hmmm. From the sound of all THAT those butterflies were obviously FOR it. Cool. I started to fall in love with the idea, so I typed it all up. I was about to hit "publish" but, I squirreled (it's the curse of my life). I got caught up in the bloviations of a narcissist, racist spewing hatred toward my Latino brothers and sisters and lost focus (TRUMP you're a dick). 

Once back on task I was shocked at what I was about to do. Meginator? On a holiday weekend??? How STUPID. We only get ONE of these per year! For many of us, the only reason to workout is so that we can more fully enjoy weekends like the 4th of July with our loved ones. Why in the HELL would I ruin that by making US limp around all weekend trying to recover?

Admittedly the Neil of 6 yrs ago (Fine! 2 yrs ... ) would have hit "publish" with an evil giggle. I'm not that guy anymore (mostly), and GPP isn't THAT methodology. Ours has purpose. 

We hope you'll enjoy your purposes this holiday weekend! Happy Independence Day! And to my Latino bros/sises: You're all invited to party along with us! Los amo a todos!

In observance of USA's Independence Day, GPP will be closed Saturday, July 4th. Also, no workout will be posted.

Amo a este chico! (Terry)