Complete 6 rounds

300 rope jumps
20 straight leg situps
20 hanging leg raises (knees to shoulders)
20 tick tocks R 25/35 
20 good mornings 25/45
20 tick tocks L

Post "Done" to comments.

Daily Extras - Add:

100 rope jumps + 10 extra reps PER EXERCISE, per round. 

Workout Notes: 

  • It's too hot to run today. OK, not really. We can (kind of) run in any weather. Humans have one of the best cooling systems in the entire animal kingdom. A little heat won't kill us. Not if we are smart about it but, running in a heat index of over 90 - sucks. Let's bag it today. NOT every day -  just today.
  • You're not on the clock today.  Just strive to get this done. It's best if you are operating at a level 7 out of 10 intensity. If you have been going flat-out all week (like, still sore from Tuesday) you might even benefit from working at a level 6.  If you are still fresh - STORM IT, man.
  • We switched the normal run in this workout for rope jumps. We've put a lot of miles on you already this week. Well, relatively. We need a break.
  • Normal subs for a 300 rope jumps are:

400 m run
500 m row
90 double unders
75 box jumps (Careful with these. We did them yesterday).
50 burpees

  • Today would be a good day to work on your cardio weaknesses.  Usually we like you to adhere strictly to the programming prescribed since our days build upon each other.  Today, however, since you are not on the clock, and since your only measurement of success is to post "Done" you may switch the cardio portion at will.  Just make a note of it to comments so you'll know how it affected you.  Do not alt or sub other movements - unless you have specific needs.
  • Last thing. Watch those good mornings! They can leave you hobbling if you don't maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement. If you're not sure if you are maintaining a neutral spine, use the mirrors for help - OR ask a trainer/vet.  

It was a dazzling conversation I had with Mike this morning. Didn't tell him I thought so. Just sat there dazzled by his words. 

Mike lost a lot of weight this year and he looks good. He's in great shape. If you've been around him, you couldn't help but notice. He walks a lot straighter too. I'm never sure if this is a direct cause of losing weight (you feel lighter), or if that spring in your step is put there by incr'd self respect for having accomplished something so ROUGH. 

He goes, "Looking back, I can't believe how simple it is." 

I pressed him on it. "What? You know there aren't many people who would agree with you on that."

He stood his ground, "Seriously. I know what is good for me. I know what's not. I know when I'm cheating. I know how much I CAN cheat before I stop making progress. Truth is, I've NEVER not known. It's not that I think EVERONE could achieve results by doing what I did. Not specifically, we are all different, but principally - for sure." 

It was a short convo. And I was dazzled by it. 

In observance of USA's Independence Day, GPP will be closed Saturday, July 4th. 

Plus, the parade usually makes it a general PIA to get around that morning! HA! 

How to tell if we did triceps on a pullup day!