3 rounds.  Not timed.  Try to string together all reps of each exercise (no break sets). 

25 box jumps
5 pullups
25 OH DB strict press 15/20
5 pullups
25 back squats 45/65
5 pullups
25 OH triceps ext. 15/25
5 pullups
25 situps

Post # of break sets and where they occurred to comments.

Daily Extras - Complete 5 rounds.

:30s Superman Back extensions
:30s rest
:30s burpees
:30s rest

Workout Notes:

  • If you have ANY kips, I want them. 
  • Last week we fried your lats by doing pullups (Monday). Several of you got STUPID SORE. We can keep that from happening again by doing pullups a little more often. But you must know your limits. "But Neil, I don't know how many I should do before I go over my limits." Cool start with a couple. Progress slowly from there by adding a few each time. Won't be long. You'll know. 
  • If you got fairly sore from those burpees on Monday, the "extras" should help sort your shoulders out - a bit.
  • If your legs are hashed, go ahead and skip the back squats. 

So ..., THIS happened.

Makes me wonder how high that number will go. Also makes me wonder why that record has only ever been held by females? Sup dudes? ;)