Warm-up - 

GPP complexes 45/65
3 sets of 10 OH DB strict press (light to medium)

Workout - 5 rounds of:

10 pushups (strict)
15 stab DB chest flys AHAP
20 bench dips
rest 2 min.

Post strings of pushups and bench dips, plus weight of stab flys to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Perform 3 bouts of as many continuous mins of plank holds as you are able. Rest 1 min between each bout.

Workout Notes:

  • Yes, we did just do this workout a month ago. It was cool. Let's do it again. 
  • 1 GPP complex is comprised of 25 individual reps over 5 separate movements. You must not put the bar down (you may tap it) once you lift it until all 25 reps are completed. 
  • Strict presses are light to medium weight. Just warming the shoulders up here.
  • Weight those pushups if needed. You should struggle to get 10.
  • Straighter legs are better on dips.
  • The 2 minute rest is a part of each round.

GPP Kids Classes start TODAY! 

It's 8 weeks of 2x/wk fitness training for your little ones. During each class they'll do a complete warm-up, learn a movement skill (squat, pushup, KB swing, etc.), do a complete workout, AND - if there's time left over - play an active game. 

You may register your little ones by clicking HERE. OR just bring them down to the gym at 10:30 am. We can get them signed up at the gym.  

Remember, anything above a 90 in the heat index is a NO-GO!