AMRAP for 30 min.

Spin The Wheel of Happiness and Health (pictured).

Complete 30 reps (10 if pullups) of whatever the wheel feels you need to work on (the Wheel knows best), then run 400m AFAP.  (If offsite - select exercises from hat.) 

Exercises are: 

walking lunges 
box jumps

Post workout selected for you by the Wheel (hat) and number of runs to comments.

Daily Extras - Keep going! 10 more min. 

Workout Notes: 

  • The Wheel knows all. Never doubt the Wheel. The Wheel wants what is best for your health and fitness. The Wheel knows what you are lacking and what you need most. 
  • There have been "fantastic," and likely fabricated stories of folks who claim to have spun the Wheel true and were NEVER dealt a burpee throughout the entire 30 mins. We dismiss these claims. Neither do we believe in witchcraft. 
  • Several folk claim to have been dealt burpees up to 7 times throughout this workout. This, we believe. 
  •  Try not to think "burpees."
  • If several of you come in the door at once, the lead person may spin for the group. If the spinner gets "burpees" you retain the right to ignore and spin it yourself. But, you'll probably still get burpees. 

This will be an exciting week of programming. It is brought to you by OK-T! ALL 6 WORKOUTS!

Last month, she and Gator were in town attending the GPP Intensive. Gator posed THIS interesting question to me: 

"What happens if you die?" 

If you know Gator, you know he's pretty direct. It came out A LOT like that. Hehe. It's a good question, too. I've never really had  anyone else  do this programming thing. I've posted more than 2000 workouts in the last 6+ years. Never missed a day! And YES, I've posted individual workouts designed by others here and there, but never a week of them. Not in a row. Not using GPP programming principles.  

We teach "how to program" at the intensive. But we've never had anyone do it. I've always been too much of a control freak to let someone else try. That seems like a mistake. 

If I did die, you couldn't just go back 5 years and start over. GPP programming has evolved. It's gotten better and better. It will continue to evolve. It needs to. 

So this week, we are giving the reins to Theresa! OK-T & Gator are GPP's longest affiliated group. They've been conducting and storming workouts with us for years out of the garage gym. They have an intense following and are excellent at what they do. 

I'll still be blogging every day. You won't really see changes on that front. But when you spin 6 burpees today, please know - it wasn't ME this time. First, it was the all-knowing, all-loving Wheel. Second, it was OK-T!   

This, of course, means - DO BOTH.