6 rounds with great form @ moderate speed:

20 stab twist crunch R
20 stab twist crunch L
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) R 15/20
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) L 15/20
20 tick tocks R
20 tick tocks L
20 rev. KB woodchoppers R 25/35
20 rev. KB woodchoppers L 25/35
20 side ups R
20 side ups L

Post Rx, or reps completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete:

50 stab ball pikes

Seems like a fairly lazy week of programming coming from HQ, right? Two of the workouts we did last week done on the same days as we did them last week? 

What gives?

Haha. Remember, any time I drop a new workout on you, I like to come back to that workout within a few days/weeks so that you get a little more experience with it. 

Even our most well known (liked?) workouts come up only 3-4 times per year. With those we have the benefit of hind site to draw on (comments to read, discussions, and etc.) to maximize efficiency and gain the most benefits. More than that, we have the benefit of Vets who've stormed these workouts to draw examples from. We've learned at GPP, the Vets teach more (by example) than the trainers do with instruction. 

But new workouts don't have the advantages of hind site and experienced vets. So, we like to come back to these very quickly and have another go at them so that we can get more out of them than we did the last time. By doing that, we ensure a high quality experience and more benefits all around (through all of the above) next time.  

Workout Notes: 

  • The videos for the twist crunches and good mornings are showing an alternating movement. For the purposes of this workout do all 20r to the same side before switching.
  • If you are off-site and don't have a stab ball, sub piri crunches for stab crunches. 
  • HERE is a great explanation of the wood chopper movement (except it's a reverse). 
  • If you haven't achieved a dull ache (burn) in the targeted muscles (obliques generally) by the 10th r of the movement - slow down/form up. OK, maybe not with the wood choppers. 
  • Remember, tick tocks are only effective with full ROM. Sometimes we hurry these and waste the benefits. 
  • Careful now, this is a new workout. We've only done it with groups off-site. You should know, they were VERY sore afterwards. Almost STUPID SORE. It was sneaky too! After the workout most said they "didn't feel a thing!" If those words ever cross your lips - brace yourself - usually a painstorm is a'comin. Scale for intensity (weights) and volume (rounds/reps) if you are unsure. 
  • You are going to run long for time if you don't put a hurry on between exercises. NOT during! Just move quickly between exercises. That being said, we love having you at GPP. You are welcomed to run long, if you like! :) Actually, having written that, we'd prefer you hang around a LONG time after this workout vs. taking a LONG time to complete it. In any case, we love you and are glad you're here, man!

Sometimes you just have to get creative (Jeremy S. - GPP OK)