complete 25 inchworms
run a slow 800


Complete 4 rounds of:

deadlifts @ half your 1RM
BB push press @ half your 1RM
5 min active recovery (jogging) at 65% PMHR (use Karvonen formula)

Post weights used and time it takes to recover HR (down to 65%) per round to comments.

Daily Extras -

  • Perform warm-up above.
  • Study the video.
  • Perform 2-3 Pilates "boomerangs" slowly with maximum control both before and after the workout.
  • This movement not to be done for effort/intensity/time. The intention of this movement is to experience its healing/regenerative/restorative properties.
  • DO NOT STRAIN the neck.  
  • Special thanks to Holly Wren for the instruction. 

OK, last time we did this there were mixed reviews. You mostly liked it, but a couple of you hated. Mainly you hated it because "it didn't feel very hard." 

That's because you may have done it wrong. 

You cant' play this workout by the numbers alone. FACT: you can't play ANY workout by the numbers alone (might want to tune in here Orange Theory). The numbers suggested as "training zones" on ANY workout are simply estimates. Even if you do all the math and project the numbers up on cool TVs that turn colors, the HR factors displayed are designed to do nothing more than "get you in the hunt." Sometimes they overshoot. Sometimes they undershoot. Every workout has to be tweaked for max effectiveness. This tweaking needs to be re-done daily due to the fact that HR is affected by such things as: recovery levels, ambient temp, hydration levels, hormonal levels, circadian rhythms, mood, stress, sleep (amount, kind, type). etc. and ect.

Relying on HR to gauge intensity is a very fickle way to train - long term. Anyone who puts too much credence in it, for too long, will be sorely disappointed in their results.  

Please study the instructions below. Keep intensity of the lifting portion at 80%+ of your max capacity. Using % of 1RM will only get you into the hunt. Keep the intensity of the "active recovery" (cardio) portion as near to 65% of PMHR (pref. using Karvonen formula).

Note: gadgets for measuring HR are super cool, but almost completely unnecessary, especially for workouts of this type. Don't run out and buy an HR monitor. There are other ways to measure HR. Hint: most of the world does it with their fingers and a clock with a second hand. Count beats registered at fingertips for 6 sec, add a "0" to whatever number you get - now you are in the hunt.

If using HR is too "clunky" for you, consider using a rating of perceived exertion (RPE). Just estimate your intensity level to equal about 6-7 out of 10 - you'll be in the hunt!  

Workout Notes:

  • 1RM = One Rep Max. If you don't know your numbers, come a little early, warm-up and figure max. Thing is, I don't love the thought of heavy 1RMs. The risk to benefit ratio leans a little too far toward "risk", for me. If you are feeling froggy, go ahead and leap. Just understand the risks associated with doing so (i.e. potential injury). Otherwise, check out this article. Many experts have gone to great lengths to help you figure your 1RM without actually doing a 1RM. HERE is that page. Check it out.  
  • How to do a kipping pullup 
  • To figure 65% of your PMHR (predicted max heart rate) 
    • 220 - your age
    • subtract number obtained above from resting HR (best if done in the AM before rolling out of bed. 
    • multiply new number x .65
    • add back resting HR
    • Or just click HERE and let the internet do it for you. 
  • To get the most out of this workout you'll need to know your numbers. Don't worry about being exact. All of these numbers (HR, % of 1RM, etc.) are just BEST GUESSES. What matters most with this workout is your intensity level while storming.

During the lifting portion of this workout you should be at 80%+ of max capacity - THIS ASSUMES PERFECT FORM. To keep your intensity level above 80% you'll need to move quickly during and between exercises. Follow this up with immediate active recovery. Jogging is preferred since it is easy to regulate intensity levels, but anything done at 65% PMHR (Karvonen method) is cool.   

  • This doesn't need to be said, but I'll write it for the rookies ... FORM is key here. If you aren't sure of form please back down the weight and speeds of movement and simply work on creating great movement patterns. 
  • If you do your "bursts  at the right intensity (80%+), the LAST thing you'll want to do upon finishing is take off running. But you must - IMMEDIATELY. Initially HR will be WAY above 65%. Don't panic you have 5 mins to regulate. Maintain a solid recovery pace for as long as HR continues to drop. It may take 2 mins, or so to hit target HR. If you haven't recovered within 2 - 2 1/2 mins - SLOW DOWN. 
  • Also, be prepared for some HR creep. Over this approx 25-30 min workout HR will gradually incr. You'll need to slow your active recovery pace to be able to maintain 65% toward the end of the workout. 
  • If you really want to geek out on this workout, time your recovery periods. Knowing how long it takes your HR to recover helps you evaluate your fitness. All things being the same, if your HR recovers faster next time we do this workout - you are gaining fitness. I LOVE THIS GEEKY STUFF! LOVE IT! Hope to see your comments. Believe it or not, when creating and programming workouts, I always go back and look at the last couple of times we did this. I pick steady commentators and compare their numbers. It helps me know what we should do tomorrow/next week/ next month etc. Ever wonder how you continue to get stronger year after year? - thanks to your comments, I know what should come next. 

I applaud this (pic below).

While the nation seems to have it's underpants in a twist over what the government is/isn't doing to help improve the health of our kids, GPP moms/pops are leading from the front and showing the way! 

I dunno. It often occurs to me that maybe the energy some parents put into trying to legislate school lunches and reducing the size of Big Gulps could be put to use in more productive ways? I'm not saying school lunches couldn't use a drastic overhaul. They could. It's just that I think the moms/dads of the children below seem to be onto something. Something that would ACTUALLY make a difference.

I'd bet good money the kids in the video will remain healthier throughout their lifetimes than the majority of their peers. Whether you legislate the size of their Big Gulps - or NOT!