3 rounds with perfect form:

800m run
10 BB biceps curls 45/65 (slow - 2 count up, 3 down)
15 high band curls M/H
20 alt DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.

Post "Rx" or "scaled" to comments.

Daily Extras - 

4 sets of 20r OH triceps ext 15/20
4 sets of 15r stab skull crushers 15/20 ea.

Workout Notes:

  • Bodybuilding tips can be useful.
  • Also, on an unrelated note, did you notice how much this guy was looking at himself in the mirror? He's talking to that other dude, and totally looking at himself. It's weird. I'm telling you, the Devil lives in the mirror. Bodybuilding messes with a person's head.
  • DB biceps curls are NOT conditioning style. Complete the entire rep on the L before you start a rep with the R.
  • If you are doing this from Utah, plan on rain. BOOOOO!

Stacking your feet (Terry) during side ups forces your core (here - abs, hips, shoulders) to work harder. The balancing aspect of stacking your feet causes more torsional forces to be distributed to your core more often during each movement. More torsional force  = more effective/efficient movement.   

Staggering your feet (both of them on the floor) is a good place to start. A fantastic scale. You should use it if you need it. But progress to stacked ASAP.