6 rounds with great form @ moderate speed:

20 stab twist crunch R
20 stab twist crunch L
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) R 15/20
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) L 15/20
20 tick tocks R
20 tick tocks L
20 rev. KB woodchoppers R 25/35
20 rev. KB woodchoppers L 25/35
20 side ups R
20 side ups L

Post Rx, or reps completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete:

50 stab ball pikes

Workout Notes: 

  • The videos for the twist crunches and good mornings are showing an alternating movement. For the purposes of this workout do all 20r to the same side before switching.
  • If you are off-site and don't have a stab ball, sub piri crunches for stab crunches. 
  • HERE is a great explanation of the wood chopper movement (except it's a reverse). 
  • If you haven't achieved a dull ache (burn) in the targeted muscles (obliques generally) by the 10th r of the movement - slow down/form up. OK, maybe not with the wood choppers. 
  • Remember, tick tocks are only effective with full ROM. Sometimes we hurry these and waste the benefits. 
  • Careful now, this is a new workout. We've only done it with groups off-site. You should know, they were VERY sore afterwards. Almost STUPID SORE. It was sneaky too! After the workout most said they "didn't feel a thing!" If those words ever cross your lips - brace yourself - usually a painstorm is a'comin. Scale for intensity (weights) and volume (rounds/reps) if you are unsure. 
  • You are going to run long for time if you don't put a hurry on between exercises. NOT during! Just move quickly between exercises. That being said, we love having you at GPP. You are welcomed to run long, if you like! :) Actually, having written that, we'd prefer you hang around a LONG time after this workout vs. taking a LONG time to complete it. In any case, we love you and are glad you're here, man!

How to Buy Rubber Bumper Plates

From Candice:


You gave a great recommendation on purchasing barbells. What company do you recommend for the plates?

My Brother-in-law is building his own little GPP at his office in Lehi.  He just subscribed to the website and is working on getting a good base of equipment.

OK, this is an easy one. You have to go with Hi Temp (pic)! 

We've tried most of the others. Some of you will remember, when we moved into HQ at the Centerville location, we didn't go with the High Temps, at first. We had another brand. After our first "Three Bars of Death" workout we noticed dozens of rubber pieces all over the floor. We slaughtered those things! I called the manufacturer and was like, "WTH?" The guy goes, "Yes, they are made to drop - BUT NOT THAT MANY TIMES!" We sent them all back and got Hi Temps. 

  • YES, other brands are sexier!
  • YES, those Hi Temps bounce a little higher after drops!
  • Yes, the 10lb plates "taco" a little when you try to do "monsters" on them. 

But, they are FRICKIN bomb proof. I'm quite convinced that, along with Twinkies and cockroaches, Hi Temp bumper plates will survive the Apocalypse. 

A couple of things to know about them:

  • Weight tolerances are better now. When we got ours (5 yrs ago), a 45 lb plate was only "pretty close" to 45 ACTUAL pounds. I weighed a 45 which clocked in at closer to 50LBs. The company I ordered from said I could send it back. Haha - nobody ever noticed, so I figured, "why bother?" Now they are right on. Tolerances are guaranteed to +/- .5LB.
  • These are made in USA! Alabama if I remember right.
  • They aren't pretty. They are made of crumb rubber. I think they are recycled tires. Did I mention they are BOMB proof? Plus, "pretty" and GPP don't really belong in the same sentence, unless you are talking about the bodies we put onto folk, then YES pretty applies, I guess. But ONLY in that context.
  • I wouldn't bother getting "tweener" weights. Leave the 15/35 pounders off your order. You'll do fine with 10/25/45 and a few 5LB & 2 1/2LB "steelies." 
  • If the collars (which are steel - not stupid brass) pop out of your 10s, call me. I'll tell you how to get them back in. I've had to do it thrice. Now that I know how to do it - it's easy!
  • The Hi Temps are generally cheaper per pound than most of the other rubber bumpers out there.
  • There are a lot of companys that carry them. We got ours from RogueFitness.com. Mainly because they were the ONLY place you could get stuff like this 5 yrs ago. Things have changed. You can find Hi Temp rubber bumper plates just about everywhere now. A quick Google search will net you competitive prices.
  • Careful - Shipping costs will kill you, however, a lot of "local" shippers (Colorado & Calif) are actually more expensive per unit. 
  • Please mention GPP when you make an order. I'd love to create a relationship with an equipment company that would mutually benefit us all. 

It'd be hard to calculate the thousands, upon thousands of drops these bad girls have got on them!