Choose ANY two of the following workouts and STORM:

4 rounds of:

20 squats
20 pushups
20 jumping pullups
20 situps
20 box jumps

After 4 rounds, rest for 2 min.

10 burpees EMOM for 5 min 
rest 1 min.
10 v-ups EMOM for 5 min
rest 1 min
20 press jacks 15/20 ea. EMOM for 5 min
rest 1 min
15 KB high sumos 35/53 EMOM for 5 min

rest 2 min

Complete 3 rounds of:

400m run
300 rope jumps
400 m row (alt. for the row)
50 KB swings 25/35

After 3 rounds, rest 2 min. 

30 monster complexes 75/95
30 bar pushups
30 BB bent rows 75/95 (monkey motion OK with neutral spine)
3 min continuous plate switches

rest 2 min

2 rounds. Without rest.

20 SLD R 15/20
20 uni bent row R 15/20
20 uni triceps kick backs 15/20
20 uni DB biceps curls (strict) R 15/20
20 OH DB press R (strict) 15/20
repeat for L 

After 2 rounds, rest 2 min.

50 v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
50 high weighted situps 15/20
50 superman back ext
50 tic tocks R 25/35
50 tic tocks L 25/35

It's the weekend. Go be a human! An active one. Then send us pics of yourself and your peeps "using your fitness." ( We'd love to feature you on the site.

Daily Extras (we almost NEVER do this on a Sat) - 

Choose another and STORM!

Workout Notes

Remember, the programming on Saturdays is just random. If you hit all 5 workouts this week, you're done! But if you'd like to do another - this one will do fine. If you missed one, come in and do that workout instead. Need some help? The trainer (usually me) will help you set it up and storm. 

This workout was designed to be a 2 hr suck-fest. If you are feeling froggy, come early and leap! Otherwise, just pick two of the workouts listed and bake it. 

How should you choose which ones to do? Easy - what doesn't hurt? 

We've been doing a lot of hops this week. If you have sore calves/feet/ankles etc might want to skip those. If you really want to do those workouts, just replace the jumping with an equivalent HR elevator. It's equivalent if it would take roughly the same amount of time to finish. For example, 300 rope jumps should take you roughly 3 minutes to complete. So, replace rope jumps with 3 min of rowing/biking/burpees :). See how it works? 

If you walked away from your High Sumos with bloody shins (Troy) - you probably did them right!