For time:

1000 rope jumps
1000 m row
200 conditioning curls 15/20 (R+L=2)
200 press jacks 15/20 ea.
100 squats
100 situps

This will be a LONG one.  Clock will start exactly on schedule.
You may NOT partition.
Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Double the squats (we are a little light on squats this week). 

Workout Notes:

  1. High rep workouts are still meant to be done with terrific form. Watch those squats today. 
  2. Been a little heavy on the KBs this week. Switched them for conditioning curls. It'll be weird going (R+L=2). Not really even sure how to count like that. Guess we'll all figure it out. Even though , fundamentally, it's WRONG. 
  3. Remember, arms should get all the way straight, and then all the way bent. Let the hips do the rest. It's OK to put a bunch of shoulder and torso into these. You're supposed to. 
  4. Go at those rope jumps like your house is on fire and the only thing you have to knock the flames down with is the wind of your rope.
  5. Keep track of the highest consecutive number of rope jumps. Not trying to brag, but I got 942 last time. Just sayin. 

It's SUPER SKETCHY to get fitness equipment as a gift for your significant other. Most of the time it's a bad idea. That is, unless you are talking barbells, or other GPP equipment. Got this from Amy H. today ...

"... I have been following from home for about 1.5 years now and I can't explain what a huge reward it has been to participate in the daily workouts. I have always had to improvise with dumbells with the various exercises. But my husband, who does not gpp, but loves gpp on me, and my 4 year old little girl (who says I'm shredded like cheese- I take it as a compliment) gave me a bar and weights for my Mother's Day surprise. He was a little afraid that I was going to be upset (Weights?Really? No spa day?) But that's one of the many reasons why I love him. I was thrilled! So bring on the bar work! ..."

Barbells are special gifts. They are unparalleled for increasing strength, fitness, and appearance. This is not even to mention their sheer badassity. 

Not all barbells are the same though. We've seen BBs tear up hands (wrong knurling), bend, break in half and fall apart (bad engineering). Then we learned more about them.

There is a helluvalot to know about buying barbells. Everyone has a different idea on what makes a BB great. Power lifters like more aggressive knurling and wider markings. Olympic weightlifters like bars with more whip and spin. Competitive dead lifters like longer bars with a lot of bend (end plates spend more time on the ground). Competitive squatters want knurling through the middle of the bar - Oly lifters don't!

Forget all of that. For what we do, you'll need only 1 of 2 bars (7' & 5'). After 5 years and literally thousands and thousands of weighted drops, we've never even bent one. We've never done ANY maintenance on them. They don't have a spot of rust and seem to only get better with age. They've been worth their weight in gold.

If you are shopping for a barbell, try one of these: 


The Rogue Bar 2.0


  • $255 + shipping
  • 28.5 mm shaft
  • 20 KG
  • Dual Knurling marks
  • Composite bushings for reliable spin drop after drop
  • Perfect knurl
  • 190,000 psi tensile strength
  • Will survive Armageddon

Rogue Junior Bar


  • $174.99 + shipping
  • Smaller shaft (25 mm)for smaller hands
  • 10 KG
  • Same distance between collars as comp bars
  • Perfect knurl
  • Dual knurling marks
  • FRICKIN bomb proof

 Over the years, we've given the above advice to many. In their haste to find "a better bar" several have gone their own way and bought bars we didn't recommend. Always ... ALWAYS they've paid for this. Either they paid in discomfort, bent &/or broken bars, or they've paid more $. Usually, they end up having to circle back and buy these bars anyway and their "Women's" bars and high zoot, chrome plated POSs sit in the corner expensively unused.

If you are thinking about getting a good bar, and need to talk about it, don't be afraid to contact me. I'll put you on the right track -  

Linds & Morgan take TGUs up a notch by using BBs.