25 min AMRAP:

20 floor to OH 15/20 ea.
20 pushups
20 situps
200 m run

Post rounds completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

Multiply rounds completed by 200m. Run that many additional meters. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Remember, DBs must touch shoulders on the way by. IOW you may not snatch the DBs to OH.
  2. Pushups are standard (snaking).
  3. Any time we do high volume floor to OH there is a very real chance of DOMS within the next day or two. Prevention is key here!

Last week I put out a call for folks to help us figure out a way to do "monster complexes" with DBs. LeeAnn & Jonathan answered the call. Thanks you two. 

I asked folks to send us ideas on doing Monsters with DBs. I actually think Animal House Fitness & Training NAILED it with the second one! Thanks LeeAnn and Jonathon!

Posted by GPP FIT on Sunday, May 10, 2015

LeeAnn and Jonathan are excellent trainers who skill and passion for helping folks become healthy is only outmatched by their character! We are pumped to have them as our newest affiliate out of Durham, California. Please check them out

This week I'm putting out another call. It's time to start adding voices to this project of ours (yes, yours and mine). More specifically, your voice. Do you have thoughts, opinions, skills or expertise on becoming & staying healthy, that you'd like to add to the collective? Send it to me. I'd love to feature your thoughts. 

Any thoughts that add to our goal of achieving Optimal Health are welcomed here. Scratch that. They are NEEDED! We'd love to see vids/pics/writings on using your fitness, or learning a move, or perfecting a move, or flubbing a move. We'd love to hear your political ideas on health care, or school lunches, or whatever. We'd love to hear about your achievements, your struggles, your inspirations. Maybe you use a secret product, or service that makes your day easier/brighter/more livable. Basically, we'd love to feature ANY healthy thought which helps us to pursue our goal of Optimal Health. It's what this site is all about.

We learned a long time ago, that COMMUNITY is one of the 3 keys to success.

Please send thoughts and ideas in ANY form of media to neil@gppfitness.com. They don't have to be YOUR ideas. We are equally happy promoting others who share our ideals. 

Wendy, Tara, Nikki, Candice & Kitty using their fitness @ Delicate Arch.