8 rounds of Tabata up-downs

Then, 5 rounds on trainer's count.

20 weighted situps 15/20 (put DB on collar bones)
20 T2T seated db OH press 15/20
20 sec. 6 inches straight leg hold
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (R)) 15/20
20 V-ups
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (L) 15/20

Then, 8 more rounds of Tabata up-downs.

Post Rx, or alt to comments. 

Daily Extras - Row 1600m

Workout Notes:

How to do Tabata up-downs?

Set a clock for a regular 8 round (4 mins) tabata session.  On "GO!" perform a burpee.  Upon landing on your feet from the jump of your first burpee, run in place until you hear the whistle.  Perform a burpee every time you hear a whistle.  Run vigorously in place in between.  High knees please!  This is a very different workout for those who simply dog it, vs those who really get after it. 

Doing it from home? Cool, perform 2 burpees per 20 sec stint. 

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