AMRAP in 30 min.

Complete 3 bar triplets of:

deadlifts 95/135
power cleans 45/95
push press 45/95
400 m run

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily extras - Try it "KONG" style! (vets only)

Ladies use 75 lbs & 135 lbs
gents use 135 lbs & 225 lbs

Workout Notes:


  1. This workout will not suffer the stupid.
  2. It is considered a sketchy thing to post workouts which involve a high HR and highly skilled lifts within the same round. Most professionals wouldn't do it. They think you too simple to wrap your mind around it. They think you cannot regulate yourself.  That you'll see the word "AMRAP" and throw common sense, logic and safety out the window and surely injure yourself. Of course, these are the same people who would prefer you cork your forks and eat only applesauce. I mean, you CAN'T go chewing apples. They might have seeds. The thing is, there is tremendous health and fitness in hidden within this workout. The kind that looks good on. We've been dying to post this version of "3 bars" for years. Somehow it has never fit within the rotation. But, today is different.  We haven't been on the bar in quite a while and we are due for a run. Yep. Now is perfect.
  3. Be more careful than usual today. Set yourself up with deliberate attention to form before each lift (like you always do) ... Hell, I don't even know why I'm writing this. You aren't an idiot. It's not like the safety advice we'd give for this workout would be any different today than it was yesterday. Certainly no different than it will be tomorrow. In fact, I'm not sure why I'm leaving this other than, at this point, it seems easier to finish the thought than to hit backspace. Minimalism, my friend.   
  4. Also remember, the new standard for PP is - heels cannot leave the ground.
  5. Be safe. Go hard. Apply in that order. That is all.
  6. Kong Style is extremely rough. It is intended for only most salty vets. 
  7. Off site? Use DBs for the cleans and PP. We suggest 20/40 ea. Might have to get a bit creative for the deads. Try to find something close to the suggested weight and do your best interpretation of the move. OR simply double the reps with DBs for 20/40 ea. Let us know what solutions you came up with and we'll pass them on.  

Last night we had a trainer's meeting. I'm not sure how it happened, but by the end of it this happened (see pic below). 

Coach Tony had the idea that we should let go of the old and foster only the new. That by doing so, we would all take a step up. Go further. Achieve more with our health and fitness. 

At first, I felt like throwing up. But then I realized he's right. Wiping the board clean and starting over will benefit all! Thanks for the suggestion Tony! 

Now, let's kill this thing. All of the "Daily Extra's" challenges next week will be geared toward events on the board (thanks for that suggestion Tyson!). We'll get the categories up ASAP. All of the old categories will be there, plus a few more! Weather you are the competitive type, or not there is much health in pushing yourself to your outermost limits (without going beyond!)

Rules are: You must state officially that you are taking on one of the categories before you do it. A GPP trainer will certify that your effort is true. If you are offsite. Simply film it and submit to for validation.   

oh my aching hell!

oh my aching hell!