AMRAP in 20 min -

20 stab crunches
20 ball kills R+L=1
20 plank tocks R+L=1
20 stab uni hipups R
20 stab uni hipups L

Post rounds completed to comments.

Complete after the medley -

75 v-ups
5 mins (accumulated) superman back ext holds

How to accumulate 5 min in a superman back ext hold -

Bring yourself to the top position of the superman back extension (arms straight and off, legs  straight and thighs off). Hold in the this position and start a clock. If you must rest, stop the clock. Continue with this until you have accumulated 5 min in the held position.

Daily Extras -

90s plank hold (front only)
90s side plank hold R 
90s side plank hold L
Do the whole thing again without resting.

Workout Notes:

  1. Stab Crunches - Be sure to get fully extended back on each rep.  Interlock your fingers behind your head (keep elbows back please).  Flex your trunk as far forward as flexibility will allow.  To scale, simply lower hips below shoulders by walking hips forward.
  2. Ball Kills - Crunch the abs!  Pull back with the arms as your knee makes contact with the ball.  Wider legs puts more tension on the core.  It's good, but its an advanced move.  To scale, hold plank on ball.  Move to knees, if needed. 
  3. Plank Tocks - The ball is going to walk backwards on you.  Follow as best you can.  It will be more tension on your core to resist this.  To scale, walk knees back towards ball; widen the legs; push up to hands.
  4. Uni Hipups - These are not med ball hipups!  It will take much more effort to elevate hips to a parallel line between shoulders and knees.  Vets try hard!  The benefits are worth it.  Keep the other leg locked straight and just hovering above the ball.  To scale, use both legs, or move to floor.  

It's that cool time of year again. Time to start hitting the trails! 

Since we (those of us using trails) have more in common than not, I propose the following amendments to the common trail etiquette rules so that we may all live in kinship and harmony ...

Trail Etiquette Amendments (musings by Neil)

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