Warmup - 10 min pryamid

10 KB swings 25/35 on min 1
15 KB swings 25/35 on min 2 
20 KB swings 25/35 on min 3
25 KB swings 25/35 on min 4
30 KB swings 25/35 on min 5
30 KB swings 25/35 on min 6
25 KB swings 25/35 on min 7
20 KB swings 25/35 on min 8
15 KB swings 25/35 on min 9
10 KB swings 25/35 on min 10

Workout -Hatfield Pulls
Perform 4 "giant sets" of the following:

chinups (strict)
12 bent rows AHAP
25 Aussie pullups

Post weights used and Rx from KBs (or scaled version) to comments.

Punch out - with 5 min half-pyramid of:

10 jump squats on min 1
15 jump squats on min 2 
20 jump squats on min 3
25 jump squats on min 4
30 jump squats on min 5

Post weights used and "Rx" (or scaled version) to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Come all the way down the hill with the rest of the jump squat pyramid.

30 jump squats on min 6
25 jump squats on min 7
20 jump squats on min 8
15 jump squats on min 9
10 jump squats on min 10

Workout Notes:

  1. Want to know where "Hatfields" come from? Hatfield: What, How & Why 
  2. Chinups are done palms facing you.
  3. They are also very strict. 
  4. Having trouble with CUs? Try them assisted with stab ball .  >>>
  5. Use a little monkey motion in those rows if you need to.
  6. Biceps are going to hammered after this. If you get arm swelling from Aussies, consider scaling. 
  7. How do you know whether or not you get "arm trouble?" Trust me, you KNOW if you get it. If you don't KNOW you have to assume you will.

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Apr 17 (eve)& Apr 18 (all day)
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One of the secrets to getting a body like these ... keep your body healthy by stretching a bit after your workout. Doesn't need to be anything dramatic or time consuming. Just 2-3 sets of about :30s per body part worked should do the trick. (Yes, my iphone pics suck - sorry)