Begin with 500 rope jumps.

3 sets of each.

8 back squats (heavy)
8 BB biceps curls (heavy)
20 ea. alt DB biceps curls (med & slow)
8 BB skull crushers (heavy)
10-12 side lateral raises (med & slow)

End with 500 rope jumps

Post weights used to comments.

The Saturday GPP workouts aren't programmed. Here's why ...

Posted by GPP FIT on Friday, February 20, 2015

Workout Notes:

  • I'm going to do the biceps in an agonist superset.
  • I'll probably superset the skull crushers and SLRs.
  • (heavy) = form/muscular failure on final rep
  • (med & slow) = max burn achieved by final rep. You'll need to do very slow reps (2-0-2-1). Squeeze (flex) at the top of the mvmt.

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