For time:

400 m sprint
400 m OH extension carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m curl carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m R side bucket carry 10/25
400 m sprint
400 m L side bucket carry 10/25
400 m sprint 

Post time to comments.
How to do Lemon

Daily Extras - 

The first time we posted this workout the recommended weight was 25/45. THAT is the "Extras" challenge today. Good luck!

Workout Notes:

I know you saw this coming for a mile!

Remember no unladen forward progress can be counted toward the Rx.

Rules of Thumb

Q: At what point am I ready to take my workout to the next level?
A: Now! Yesterday.

Q: Do you think I should start trying to do the workouts as Rx? 
A: Only one of us can answer that. The fact that you asked makes me doubt.

Q: If I'm super sore, shouldn't I be taking days off? 
A: See yesterday's post for a more complete answer. In short, HELL no. That you are super sore probably stems from all the days off you've taken before. Repeating mistakes of the past is usually contra to future progress. 

Caught this pic of @exercisemother (Prego Ash S.) on our insta feed. Was super inspired. Had to post.