Complete 3 rounds of:

50 situps
50 KB swings 25/35


Complete 3 rounds of

25 sideups R (vets, weight them 15/20)
25 sideups L (as above)
25 tick tocks R 25/35
25 tick tocks L 25/35


Complete 75 v-ups (pause every 10 reps to complete 10 mountain climbers R+L=1)

Daily Extras - 

We are a little light on "official" running this week. We'll make up for it a bit tomorrow. If you can do both days, try this.

3 x 200m sprints (rest 30 sec between ea.)
rest 1 min
2 x 400m run (rest 60 sec between)
rest 90 sec
1 x 800m run

Time them. Post times to comments.

We've answered the question, "Should I workout when sick?"

But how about the question, "Should I workout when I'm sore?" Have you ever read (go ahead and sing it) "Doms, Doms, Doms, Dommmmmms!?" There is a ton of info in that article about what soreness is, what it isn't, how to prevent and whether or not you should workout while sore.

It's important to listen to your body right? Wait, before you answer - read THIS first (musing - by Neil).

Rule of thumb:

  1.  If, after soul-crushing workout, you've pushed your body to the point where you are a bit uncomfortable and achy the next day - it's a good thing. Get back on your horse and ride it out, man.
  2. If you are experiencing deep pain to the point where you can't even touch your muscles and/or your ROM is limited - you'd best hold off for a couple of days.
  3. If the pain is in a joint - wait until it's on the mend before doing anything. If it hangs on for a while or you suspect something is broken, you'd best have it looked at. Don't start again until you are on the mend. Even then, you need to start "slow & low" and stay within your pain free ROM.

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