AMRAP for 35 min:

30 lunge switches (R +L = 1)
30 squat to box jumps
400 m run

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 rounds of:

20 SHS R 15/20
20 cross body curls R 15/20
20 SHS L 15/20 
20 cross body curls L 15/20

Workout Notes:

I know a lot of you were expecting something different. But I can't. We have to break in those running legs a little more gradually than that. 

Alt for the alt.

A video posted by GPP Fitness (@gppfitness) on

In the running season (Spring - Fall), we usually like to put 2-5 miles of running per week onto you. And yes, dropping a Lemon on you today would only JUST put you over the 5 mile quota for a week. For many of you, it would be NO PROBLEMO. But, it would smoke some of the rest of us. We need a more gradual build up than that. This workout (Amos) will make it so we can put our last mile (or two) down at our own speed. Most of the vets will get around 1.5 miles on this one today. That'd be perfect. It puts most of you at just over 4.5 miles for the week. Rookies can go a bit slower, if needed.  

If your knees are bugging you after all that running this week. Check out the alt to the R >>

Yep, GPP helped make those arms! (photo cred)