OYC complete:

3 rounds of: 
 33 BTB squats  (squats that begin and end in the bottom of the movement)
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds per side of:
33 SLD 15/20
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds per side of:
33 heel raises
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds of 
33 walking lunges (R+L=1)
Post total reps completed to comments

Caution:  This workout will make you VERY, VERY sore or injured unless you are specifically conditioned for it. Please consider scaling weight &/or reps if you are new to this workout.

Daily Extras - 

After all the shoulder work yesterday, we can't go back at them today. They need rest. Please suspend the standard challenge. Instead, cover 2 miles, or 20 mins of steady state cardio.

Standard Challenges resume tomorrow. 

Workout Notes:

  1. HEED the WARNINGS. Be careful. See vid.
  2. There should be a deliberate pause at the bottom of each BTB.
  3. SLDs can be scaled by shortening the movement. Hold the DB by one end. 
  4. Walking lunges are counted as 1+1=1 (as God intended).
  5. Take NO MORE than 30s rest.

Happy birthday to one of the goofballs who helped to make GPP happen.