300 rope jumps
75 situps
3 s of 10 r of progressively heavier power clean work

5-5-3-3-2 reps of:

Power Cleans AHAP


3 attempts at a PR of 500 m row.  

Rest as needed between all sets of exercise today. 
Post weights of power cleans and all 3 row attempts to comments.

Daily Extras - 4 rounds of:

20 stab front raise 15/20
20 stab cross body curls R 15/20
20 stab cross body curls L 15/20

Try not to touch down during the switch between R & L curls. It'd be cool to see you go from seated to standing without touching down. Haha. Don't lose a collar bone over trying though. 

Workout Notes:

  • Take a good LONG warm-up today. Just take your sweet time with the rope jumps and situps. 
  • Do more than 1 set of warm-ups with the power clean work. 3-5 is in the hunt.
  • Warm-up gradually with increasingly heavier weight.
  • Pay particularly close attention to your form while warming-up. 
  • Don't use your arms to clean the weight. "Jump" the weight up. By doing so, you'll tap into the larger muscles of the hips & trunk.
  • 500 m rows are flat out sprints!

Notes for the extras:

  • Key is staying on the ball for an extended amount of time!

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