Complete 5 rounds of:

15 OH BB press 45/65 (strict is better)
rest 30s
15 side lateral raise 10/15
rest 30s
15 KB high Sumos 25/35
rest 30s
300 rope jumps (you'll love this)
no rest

Post thoughts to comments.  Might want to mention how your shoulders feel.

Daily Extras - 

You have 10 minutes to complete 100 pushups (strict from toes).

Post DONE! to comments, or total number strict reps completed.

Workout Notes:

  1. Changed this classic workout (Shoulder Shocker) around to suit our Tuesday needs.
  2. Use very strict form for BB presses & SLRs.
  3. Be "spot on" with your rest periods.

I've started doing my "musings" via video. Doing it this way helps me to get my point across. Hope you don't mind. BTW - if you want to learn more about our thoughts on "proper nutrition," click HERE.




The 0930 mamas leading from the front! Bravo!