Warm-up - 25 pushups (strict)

3 straight sets of each:

20 OH triceps ext 15/25
15 side lateral raises 10/15 or AHAP
10 OH DB presses (strict) 15/25 or AHAP
5 BB push presses AHAP

Rest 2-5 min between ea. set.
Post reps successfully completed and weights to comments.

Daily Extras - 50 anchored stab situps

Workout Notes: 

  • It's best if you begin with the push presses. That is, after the warm-up (pushups).
  • Side lateral raises are perhaps the most cheated on of all movements. The recommended weight is very high here. Don't be afraid to decr weight. To do these right, be looking for ANY extra moves or momentum generated (slop!) - AND GET RID OF IT!
  • Start with the DBs hanging at your sides. Not together in front of you. Stand rigidly upright, with slightly bent knees and elbows. Now, slowly raise the DBs away from your sides until your arms are parallel to the floor. Pause at the top (they'll naturally stop around shoulder level) just long enough to say you did it before lowering.
  • Troubles with SLRs? 
  • Need full ROM on those OH strict presses today. Each movement must be done from shoulders (touch them with the weight) to arms fully extended. Those halfies you'd see in other places won't do. Unless you are injured, half-reps are a cop out.
  • Rule for push presses: You must NOT allow your heels to leave the ground. This will require you to put more PUSH in your push presses.

Yep, those body building muscles LOOK pretty good, but ...


All hat and no cowboy. 

1600 rope jumps is NO JOKE! Also, I think this camera effect made the Yak look cool!