Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes perform:
10 thrusters 45/65

rest 1 min then, 

Every minute on the minute for 5 min complete:
15 pushups (strict)

rest 1 min then,

Every minute on the minute for 5 min complete:
15 Aussie pullups

rest 1 min then, Dopey's Revenge

Complete 1600 rope jumps for time.

Immediately pay a 5 burpee + 5 pullup + 15 pushup (strict) + 20 squat penalty for each miss. This workout caps at 20 min.

Post reps missed from the EMOMs. Post time and burpees completed from DR to comments. If you capped out, post jumps + penalties completed to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. It's going to be a long one today. If you are flying through it and don't have to pay many penalties during the rope jumps, you can get it done in under 45 min. Otherwise plan on spending a bit of time completing the workout after class. 
  2. One knee pushups - If you need to scale, try these before going to both knees.
  3. Want more out of it? Lift R leg for half the reps, R leg for the other half. 
  4. Aussie pullup alt (mid row) 
  5. Even 5 min of Thrust-O can make you quite sore. It's a good thing we did all that leg work last week. Still, scale if you need to. 

T: "But when do we stretch?

Me: All the time. We are minimalists. We'd rather, put the stretching inside of the workout, than stack another 20 minutes on top of it. 

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching is a stretch performed by moving through a challenging, but comfortable range of motion while performing a movement/exercise.  Dynamic Stretching requires more coordinated effort from the nervous system, musculature and energy pathways, thereby improving performance across all of these.  This makes Dynamic Stretching a more efficient and effective form of improving your functional capacity and range of motion.  By working this type of stretching into your workouts, it develops flexibility you can actually use.

Sometimes you need a more specialized kind of stretching. Dancers, gymnasts, martial artists and etc. need specialized stretching. Not sure what Alison is doing here. Then again, she does a LOT of dancing! :)