On Trainer's Count -Complete 6 rounds of each triplet before moving on. 

16 back squats 45/65
16 biceps curls 45/65
16 OH BB press (strict) 45/65
30 sec rest


16 straight leg deads 45/65
16 skull crushers 45/65
16 v-ups (slowly 3-0-3-0)
30 sec rest

Post Rx or completed reps to comments.

Daily Extras - Complete:

100 squats
100 walking lunges (R+L=2)

Workout Notes:

  • I might, or might not have said we were retiring this one in '15. It was a long time ago. People say things in the heat of a moment ...

  • Transition very quickly between exercises. At HQ we don't even put the bar down between exercises during the first series. During the second series we try to transition between 5-8 seconds.  
  • We will be rigidly strict on the rest times today.  Resting more than 30 seconds negates some of the benefits of this workout.
  • Off-site - We usually count this workout with a slow cadence. 1 sec up, 2 sec down, no rest at the top or bottom of ea. movement (1-0-2-0). Except the v-ups.
  • Those of you who've done done this workout several times before (we started in 12'), try not to bounce the skull crushers off the ground. 

Holiday Hours

ONE workout only today. It's at 9am. Hope you'll join us! 

We only have 25 bars. Please come a little early to reserve yours. BTW, DBs (while not as sexy) are just as effective. 



Thank you for a great year! Here is to an EPIC 2016, "clink!"

Oh, BTW, did you get on of these scanner cards yet?