4 rounds with terrific form:

20 KB jacks 25/35
20 side burpees (R+L=1)
20 twisting good mornings 15/20 (R+L=1)
20 cross-body pulldowns R M/H
20 cross-body pulldowns L M/H

Post "done" to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the burpees one legged. As you kick out to the L you should land on your R foot only. Then it's back to both R&L together as you jump into the air. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Don't let the KB swing above your head. Need to keep the lats engaged to safeguard your back. Swing the bell too high and you lose stability. No bueno.
  • Not getting enough out of those burpees? Try them one legged. Just the kick out part should be one legged. Once your feet come back to the middle land on both feet and initiate the jump phase with both feet. 
  • Twisting good mornings work best with both hands on the DB. Ashley is demoing a great one-armed version. It's the beginner version. 
  • Don't lock your legs straight on the good mornings. Bend the knees slightly, then lock them. Don't squat through the knees. All the bending should be done at the hips. This will ensure max hammy soreness! :)
  • Es no bueno to move your feet, knees and hips during the cross-body pulldowns. Initiate all the movement through your core. Lock your hips forward and do all the twisting with your abs. Yes, your arms/shoulders will move for sure, but NO HIPS. If your feet are moving, you are doing it wrong.

Holiday Hours

New Year's Eve - Running all workouts through noon. NO evening workouts.
New Year's Day - 9:00 am workout ONLY. I know I said I'd retire it after 2015, but I said I'd run it through 2020 when I first created it! Come storm the New Year with us. Come early so you can get a bar.

LOL Jade!