Warm-up - 3 sets (rest 90 sec between each)

25 Aussie pullups

Workout: 5 rounds (no rest)

8-12 unilateral DB row R AHAP
150 m arms only row
8-12 unilateral DB row L AHAP
150 m arms only row

Post weights used per round.

Daily Extras - 

- Ladies complete 75 PERFECTLY strict pushups
- Gents complete 100 PERFECTLY strict pushups

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay flexible with the number of Aussies you do today. It's just a warm up. If you typically get sore arms from these, stay below 50 total. Less if you're new. Take plenty of rest between warm-up sets. 90-120 seconds suggested.
  • Take no rests between rounds of the workout. It'll be interesting to see the difference between the weights posted for set #1 vs. set #5. 
  • Remember this suggestion? "It'll be interesting to see the difference in weights posted between this workout and the NEXT time we do this one, which is the point." Go see!  
  • Having a hard time doing those pushups (daily extras) using STRICT form? Try one knee pushups

What is your fav body type? Is it one that is not pictured? I LOVE the thought of raising the "body image" subject here at GPP. We need to do more of it. Post thoughts to comments. 

GPP End of the Year Sale

I NEVER do sales. Ever. There are a lot of reasons for this. We can get into it another time. 

I've always wanted to try a sale. Seems like the real "business" thing to do.  Plus I love the thought of folks getting into amazing shape for the coming year for a discount. So here is my best effort for 2 sales I'd like to try (one for our members, the other for former members). 

These sales offers will end Jan 2nd. 

The "We Miss You & Want You Back" Sale

If you've ever been a member of GPP, I will honor our pre 6/1/15  prices if you'll commit to 6 months of storming. Not up front. It's just $100/mo. That's 25% off!  

"We LOVE Our Members and Couldn't Do it Without You" Sale

Current members of GPP who commit to 6 months of storming can have the our 12/month contract price of $90 per month. 

Those who are already storming a 12 month contract are entitled to $80/month

Ever see a flock of noble seagulls hunkered down facing headlong into miserable weather?