Warm-up - 4 rounds of:

200m jog (1/2 speed)
1 min sit squat hip mobility

4 rounds of: 

8 power cleans (moderate wt.)
burnout set of v-ups
90 sec. rest

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 sets of:

burnout V-twists 15/20
rest 60 sec.

Workout Notes:

  • burnout sets? 

  • Remember, a burnout set is a max effort push.

  • The point of the sit squat hip mobility exercise is to incr flexibility. It's not a work set. It's not a static hold. Sit right down on your calves if you can. 

  • The power cleans are to be done at a moderate weight. Work on your form here.
  • Each rep is touch and go. Dropping between reps negates the purpose and some of the benefits. 

  • Learn the "thigh bump" technique - ask your trainer. It's a technique that improves athleticism and helps to prevent you from trying to muscle this movement. 

  • How to know if you are using a moderate weight? A moderate weight is heavy, but doesn't top out. IOW you shouldn't be maxed out at rep #8. You should have a few left in the tank. Not a whole set, but more than just 1. If you completed your set and you knew you could do 1-3 more, that's a moderately weighted set. 

  • Stay plastic with your weights today. The weight you start with might be different from the weight you end with. This is cool. 

  • Don't waste sets. If you do a set that seemed easy to you - don't count it. Rest for a bit (90s), put more weight on and try it again. Only count sets you consider to be "moderately weighted."

  • Tuesdays are magic. You should never miss a Tuesday.

New Year's Resolutions? 

I have a hankering this year. I need a personal challenge. 

Thing is, I kind of HATE personal challenges. Well, I hate them right up until I don't. IOW I generally think my own personal challenges are quite painful and generally smell of cheese. Anytime I inflict one upon myself I am forced to suffer and self-loathe for a few months before I can fathom doing it again. 

After LOTOJA in Sept, I think I'm about there again.

Why do I self-loathe? Not sure. I think it has to do with the imaginary tone of my internal self-talk. I hate the tone of the voice in my head when I'm being extra-encouraging of myself. It makes me want to punch myself in the crotch. Should have herd the voices in my head while I was doing that 206 mile bike in Sept. Seriously, the thing that would keep from ever doing LOTOJA again is that stupid voice telling me "It's just one more hill. You can do ANYTHING for just ONE MORE HILL!" Can you see it?  

How about you? Do you ever feel like punching yourself in the crotch? Haha. Just kidding. Do you like challenges or are they just glorified cheese fests?

I have some cool ideas to challenge myself this year. I'm going to start with that stupid voice in my head. I'm going to keep it more REAL. I'm going to try and do a little more Mr. Mandelbaum (vid Right) in my head instead of that dramatic "you can DO IT" crap.

 I also have some cool thoughts on workouts. I'm waffling between 208-260 workouts completed! When I get it hammered down, I'll share. 

Are you a challenges person? What challenges will you inflict upon yourself in the coming year? Please list to comments.

Here are some low(ish)-cheese thoughts for getting started, mainly for the rookies:

The First 5 Steps   

These are Shmoopy's shins. The scar on the L is from the bike (chica puts in a LOT of time). The new one on the right (still bleeding) came from one of those steel cable ropes. Yep, just yesterday. I hate those stupid things.