AMRAP in 25 min.

4 ten meter high knee sprints
20 OH DB presses 15/20 ea.
20 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
20 OH triceps ext 15/20

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 10 more minutes please.

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay focused. 

  • Stricter movements are better today since we still have 3 months left in our "shaping cycle." After March we are more likely to suggest the HR version.

  • Yes, this workout used to be called "AMRAP S,S,B,T." But before that, we called it round the horn. Mainly because I dropped the 5 second rest after each run and I have a compulsion to measure apples against apples. But, I have to agree with Katie. AMRAP S,S,B,T is a stupid name for a classic workout. So, we taking it back to the original. 
  •  At HQ we are going to try and do this workout WITHOUT the obstacles today. ORIGINALLY when I designed this workout, I put the obstacles in there to FORCE each of us to sprint the 10m distance. The thought was, it would be harder to go slow with an obstacle to clear in front of you. Meanwhile, I've matured a bit and realize that this is silly. Those of us who are going to sprint FULL OUT will do so with, or without obstacles. The benefit is in the sprint.
  • If you love the obstacles, keep them. Doing so will not change the intended purpose and/or benefits of this workout. 
  • Super long workout tomorrow. There are cartwheels! 

Why is strict recommend on this one?

I’ve been keeping it strict since it was suggested, but I’m benchmarking against times when I was jumping the weight.
— Joshua Segraves

To keep us in an anaerobic state.

This workout is cool because it has dual personalities. Strict lifting technique coupled with sprints forces your body into a highly anaerobic state. Like Dr. Izumi Tabata discovered (scientifically, for the first time), highly intense bouts of anaerobic work leads to both anaerobic and aerobic benefits. Jumping the presses & triceps and then swinging the biceps wold make this workout more aerobic which would somewhat limit the over-all anaerobic gains. While that doesn't fit our programming THIS week, swinging/jumping the movements would be a valid way to do this workout when we need more aerobic work while resting the anaerobic system.

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