300 backwards rope jumps
hip mobility work (as below)

:30s on :30s off
1 min on 1 min off
:90s on :90s off
1 min on 1 min off
:30s on :30s off


5 supersets of:

5 back squats AHAP
10 sumo side steps R
10 sumo side steps L
rest 2- 5 min

Daily Extras - 

Four rounds per side of:
20 heel raises
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


200 walking lunges

Post total reps completed to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • Go HEAVY on the squats.
  • Don't go so heavy that you need a spotter. It's a 5 set. If you are going so heavy that you aren't sure you'll complete the lift (from rack to racked) you are missing the point of a heavy 5 set. Especially since it is a superset (really it's a giant set).
  • Besides, unless you have a very experienced spotter, you are more likely to get injured from the spotter than the from the lift. 
  • If you get in trouble, remember, you may drop the bar off your back. Just clear your blood circle and drop it backwards.  When you drop a back squat, be sure to clear your back leg. I've seen people step out of a back squat (dropped it off their back) and left the leg they were pushing off of behind. Fully loaded bar fell right on the guy's calf! Could have broken his leg. 
  • You may NOT rest between the sets of R&L Sumo side steps.
  • If you go heavy enough, and sit DEEP on those SSS, you'll NEED that 2 min rest. Don't be afraid to take 5 min. If you find yourself wandering back to the bar too quickly - consider going a little heavier on the squats (rookies ignore). 
  • The Daily Extras are from the Leg Shredder workout. We are hoping that most vets will attempt these, which is why Shredder is named in the title. However, be careful with these. Rookies should do less than half.

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