5 rounds OTC - 

1 min OH DB run 15/20
15 plank snatches R 15/20
20 T2T tap down crunches (starts and ends in the "crunched" position)
15 plank snatches L 15/20
1 min OH DB run 12/20
30 sec rest.

Post Rx or reps completed to comments.  

Daily Extras - 2 rounds of:

2 min band sprints
2 min rope jumps
2 min plate switches (4" plate)

Workout Notes:

  • It's simple. Loft a weight above your head. Hold it there. Run.
  • Shoulders are going to be screaming at you. Sub one of the OH DB runs for a waiter carry run if needed. Note subs to comments. 
  • Try to Rx those plank snatches. Once those shoulders start to scream, put a knee down if you have to, but only for as many reps as you have to. Then it's right back up to the full plank.
  • Swing your arms around during the 30 sec rest. It'll help circulate blood to the shoulders.
  • Specter tomorrow.

We finally got our decorations up!