100 situps for time.
100 crunches for time.
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis and low back stretches


20-15-10-5 reps for time:

deadlifts (BW)

Post times for situps, crunches and workout to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the warm-up again!

Workout Notes:

  • If you've been digging out from a massive snow storm, your back is probably smoked. Sub the DLs for 1/2 BW hang cleans. HCs are still hard on your lower back. If your back is truly smoked skip the move (DLs or HCs) altogether and just do the pullups with 40s of rest between each set. Make sure you do the daily extras.
  • Those DLs are heavy! Consider doing stretches both before and after workout.
  • How to do a kipping pullup
  • The GPP Jumping Pullup 
  • It's weird doing a workout "for time" on a Tuesday. Go for it. Get anaerobic! This workout will only take minutes. Vets will do it in less than 10. If you do it right, it should be the most impactful 10 minutes of your week.
  • Some of our shorter workouts have the longest lasting affects. But you MUST really go for it.

12002281_1657597581190746_1826633002144490336_n (1).jpg

Don't forget High Fitness tonight @ 7pm! 

"Is shoveling snow considered a workout?"  

No. It's work. We are supposed to do work. After that, we get in the car, go down to the gym and get our workout. :)

Actually, it's not a bad sub for a workout. 

According to Wikianswers.com, OUR type of snow probably weighs 10-12 lbs per cubic foot. 

My driveway is roughly 75' long by 20' wide.  So, in all I have 1500 sq/ft of driveway to shovel.  I also have roughly 300 ft of side walk.  At about 3 feet wide, I calculate this to be an additional 900 sq/ft.  

So that's about 2400 sq/ft of shoveling.  Multiply this by the 18" (low estimate) of snow we've gotten at my house in the last 24 hrs and I figure we've moved about 36,000 lbs of snow.

That's around 18 tons!  

Let's compare that to the popular GPP workout "Hells Bells."  Last time this came up I did 11 rounds of burpees (88 total) and 200 KB swings.  I weigh 172 lbs.  That means I lifted 15,136 lbs of burpees and another 7000 lbs of KB swings.  

That's 22,000 lbs of Hell's Bells, or around 11.068 tons!  

As shoveling snow works EVERY major muscle group across EVERY bioenergetic metabolic pathway, I'll go out on a limb and officially call snow shoveling - a workout! 



Me and Zachy out using our fitness!